Revenues were 7.1% above pre-pandemic levels: the Multilatina Index 3Q21

The impressive 36% YoY jump in revenues of a sample of the Latin American companies that sell more than $500 million, placed these firms’ sales in September 2021, 7.1% above pre-pandemic levels. Peruvian gold and tin miner Minsur, almost doubled its third quarter revenues in 2021 from 2019. Brazilian fertilizer manufacturer Heringer, light-weapon manufacturer Taurus, and education provider Anima, scaled their revenues by more than 50% over that period. That is not to say that all sectors had surpassed their September 2019 sales. Still, almost one-fourth of them (29 of the 122 sample) did not. Not surprisingly, many airlines were not at pre-pandemic levels yet.  Some electricity, oil and gas, and perhaps less expected, telecoms, were not there yet either. […]

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