Get everyone to the developing table, the key to harness AI in LAC: a column by Kellee Wicker

By Kellee Wicker * Artificial intelligence (AI) is often referred to as an ingredient technology, less a standalone tool and more a technology that can be incorporated in anything – although not everything, despite current trends – for a major boost to capabilities and productivity. With a technology like this, an “everything technology”, we must bring everyone together to harness it for improved economic opportunity and quality of life. The Montevideo Declaration on Artificial Intelligence captures this same sentiment. AI must work for the people and must improve work conditions and quality of employment. The declaration is clear – these must not be the outcomes in the aggregate; they must be the outcomes for everyone, especially the most vulnerable. But […]


Brazil’s Embrace of Biotechnology: a column by Jerry Haar

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Inovative Latin American Proposals for the G20: a column by Ingo Plöger

By Ingo Plöger* The Group of Twenty (G20) is the...