Walmart Chile plans a good-bye to lines

Walmart Chile, in collaboration with Walmart’s International Emerging Tech team, just launched a pilot project with AI powered shopping carts that will save customers time and facilitate a smarter, more streamlined shopping process in stores.

The innovative technology automatically recognizes the products that enter and leave the supermarket cart, so that the customer only makes the payment upon arrival to the checkout by presenting a barcode, bypassing the scanning process for each item. It also allows for:

  • The ability to change out or cancel items by simply removing them from the cart
  • The ability to see the total price of products as customers shop
  • Notifying customers of promotions and tailoring the notification(s) based on the products they are shopping for
  • In the case of products that need to be weighed -such as fruits, vegetables or bread- the device also has a barcode reader so that the customer can scan it and incorporate it with the rest of their purchase
  • Allows for the use of bags inside the cart so customers can take advantage of reusable bags and won’t have to go through a separate packing process

Walmart Chile is the first Walmart market in the world to implement this technology. Its “Store of the Future” program will allow for a path to testing the innovation quickly and efficiently. The intention is that it will be incorporated in other subsidiaries of the company once its evaluation stage is completed.

Walmart hopes to expand the technology’s current by adding features to recommend products to customers based on prior purchases, giving customers the ability to upload shopping lists, using the information from the technology to adjust inventory for online purchases and monitor shelf product availability, among other.