Innovation: A conversation with Hans Vestberg

Vestberg, Verizon’s President of Global Networks and CTO, is winner of the 2018 Copernion Tech Pioneers Award. Trends in innovation, and the future of the Telco industry. A must read. By Alejandro González, Juan Manuel Barrionuevo and Santiago Gutiérrez Perhaps it’s best to not have a Silicon Valley in Lima, Peru. Trying to copy a center for innovation doesn’t produce innovation. Verizon’s CTO Hans Vestberg sees things differently: “Countries need to find their own cluster or competence of innovation. Creating a Silicon Valley anywhere except Silicon Valley is impossible. Find your own niche!” Before joining Verizon, Vestberg was CEO of Stockholm-based Ericsson. He recently received the Tech Pioneers award, which recognizes leaders and visionaries in Technology and Engineering. The award […]