The explorer who rewrote the history of the Americas

A conversation with Ruth Shady, the discoverer of the city that caused America’s past to be rewritten. The oldest civilization of the hemisphere emerged at Caral, in Peru. Not everyone knows, because its ruins are barely sticking out from under the cover of sand, still being painstakingly excavated in a 62-hectare (153-acre) zone of breathtaking desert, on a small plain flanked by impressive mountain peaks of the Andes. Pyramids, houses, temples, unlikely-looking structures were put up by the inhabitants 5,000 years ago, around 2900 B.C. This is phenomenal data that makes other monumental building projects like the earliest ones at Teotihuacán in 400 B.C., Tikal in 200 A.D., Chichén Itzá in 520, or Machu Picchu in 1300 of our era […]