Top tech CEOs on Latin America’s road to the digital economy

The digital business model, network readiness, public-private partnerships and a new social contract were the topics discussed by top technology CEOs at the “Going Digital” panel in Miami last October. The participants were César Cernuda, President, Microsoft Latin America; Claudio Muruzábal, President, SAP Latin America & The Caribbean; Laxman Narasimhan, CEO, Latin America, PepsiCo; Luiz Ros, Special Advisor for Innovation, Digital Economy, at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); and Blanca Treviño, President & CEO, Softtek. The event was part of the Council of the Americas Symposium and 22nd Bravo Business Awards. Hosting the panel was CNN Dinero’s anchor Xavier Serbiá. He split the session in five main areas—the digital business model, network readiness, public-private partnerships, regulation, and inequality and a new social contract. The […]