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Latin Trade 800 – The Effect of Covid-19 on the Largest Companies in Latin America (in Excel Format)


The best way to see the health of business in the region.



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Follow the quarterly financial performance of the largest 800 non-financial companies listed on the region’s stock exchanges.

Understand the financial situation of individual companies and sectors. Assess their profitability, liquidity, efficiency, and solvency with data from 2018, 2019, and the FIRST QUARTER of 2020.

  1. Sales
  2. Net revenues
  3. Assets
  5. Net margin
  6. ROA
  7. ROE
  8. Asset turnover
  9. Capital turnover
  10. Debt / asset ratio
  11. Gross debt / asset ratio
  12. Gross debt / capital ratio
  13. Net debt / capital ratio
  14. Financial turnover
  15. Operations turnover
  16. Acid test (Quick Ratio)
  17. Liquidity ratio (Current Ratio)
  18. Sales per share
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