One Day for the Amazon

An annual meeting of scientists, bankers, investors, philanthropists, and private sector players, to discuss the science to preserve the biome and its natural and cultural diversity. The meeting will help in coordinating private sector action and will aid in taking funds and creative financial instruments to impactful projects in the region.

What is One Day for the Amazon?
It is an initiative that will bring together in a high-level event once a year in New York, the attention and participation of scientists, bankers, investors, philanthropists, and private sector players. It is intended to promote the effective acceleration of necessary financing for the sustainability of the Amazon Basin in light of climate disruption and various negative vectors rapidly affecting it.

Paired with a media component, it will operate as a recurrent forum to exchange state-of-the-art information and enhance coordination related to private sector action and creative financial instruments for impactful projects in the 8-country-wide Amazon Basin.

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