An unexpected turn of events in Colombian politics. Could Hernández be the next president, against all odds?

On Saturday night, WhatsApp messages flooded the internet in Colombian capital, Bogotá. They invited people to join in prayer to make right-winger Federico Gutiérrez the next president of the South American country. “Let’s save the motherland,” read other messages that urged voters to back Gutiérrez (nicknamed Fico), blocking the strong rise of his leftist antagonist, Gustavo Petro. These efforts were partially effective. Petro (62) did not come close to the 50% needed bring the presidential race to an end in the first round. He got 8.5 million votes on Sunday’s electoral showdown. This is 40% of total votes. Gutiérrez (47) disappeared from the race with only 5.1 million, 24% of the vote. However, the surprise came from a 77-year old, […]