Restrictions reimposed or extended around the world; Remdesivir for 127 countries; Venezuela and Brazil, epicenters of risk. The ASG global COVID-19 update

A detailed analysis of the global progression of the pandemic, and of government’s responses, prepared by the global strategic advisory and commercial diplomacy firm, Albright Stonebridge Group. Key Takeaways This week we continue to see governments around the world reimpose or extend restrictions in the face of resurging case numbers, often at the provincial or local levels. Gilead struck a licensing agreement with five generic drug makers, including Mylan, Cipla, Ferozsons Laboratories, Hetero Labs, and Jubilant Lifesciences, to make the antiretroviral Remdesivir for 127 countries “royalty free” until the COVID-19 outbreak is no longer a global health crisis. Venezuela, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Yemen, refugee camps, warzones, and other areas with limited testing and health infrastructure threaten the possibility of widespread undetected […]