Latin Trade 25th Anniversary

Latin Trade is 25 this year! 

To celebrate, we gathered a group of some of the most transformative Latin Americans of the past 25 years for dinner at the JW Marriott in Brickell, Miami. 

The invitees have influenced and made a great impact in the region throughout their careers. 

The event was sponsored by Humboldt University and Arcos Dorados. 

Among the guests was Brazilian engineer Mauricio Tolmasquim, who helped open up new renewable energy projects, a sector that grew five-fold since 1994. Also present was Brazilian economist José Marcio Camargo, who is behind the region’s conditional cash transfers, helping millions of Latin Americans out of poverty. 

Business leaders who were able to set goals that transformed into a source of wealth for many. People like Rodrigo Galindo, President of Kroton, the world’s largest private education company that uses cutting-edge teaching methods while including people from diverse economic backgrounds. 

With origins in Miami, the Latin Trade team is now present across the region, with editorial, marketing and administration collaborators in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Florida, and correspondents in all of the region’s capital cities, as well as Europe and Asia. 

Over the years we’ve built a group of distinguished columnists from the likes of Princeton, Columbia, MIT, Oxford, The Wilson Center, BCG and McKinsey. 

We’ve also taken advantage of our unique geographical presence and coverage of the Latin American business market to expand our list of editorial products. From our daily roundup of the top business stories in our LT Daily Newsletter, we’ve added niche newsletters including CFO, Latin Business Traveler, CIO, Lawyers, Asia-Latin America, and more to come. 

All of us at the Latin Trade team will continue to work to provide the top information on the region’s business world and business intelligence and continue to add value to our readers. 

On behalf of all the team, thank you for these 25 years!