What Are the Central Elements of State in Latin America ?

Ingo Ploger, President of the Strategical Council – Ceal Globalization was a phenomenon comparable to a tsunami. The internationalization of the economy meant that protectionism no longer had a chance against technological developments and global innovation. Developed countries have opened up new markets, and Asia’s response through China and Korea has been a determining factor in the exponential evolution of internationalization. After the first wave, as in a tsunami, comes a rebound, that is, the return of the watermwith more force, which falls on the developed economies where the first wave came from. Financial markets were the first to feel the effect, followed by the economies of these countries themselves. Structural unemployment increased trade deficits and the diversion of investments, and […]


Global Tourism Industry on Track for Full Recovery by 2024

The global tourism industry is set to reach, and possibly surpass, pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2024, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). Five years post-COVID-19, the sector is experiencing a robust resurgence driven by a surge in international travel, improved air connectivity, and strong rebounds in key regions. However, global dynamics must be managed carefully to ensure stable and continuous growth. In 2023, international tourism reached 88% of its 2019 levels, a significant recovery favored by the reopening of Asian markets, as highlighted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The Middle East led the way, surpassing pre-pandemic levels by around 20%, with Europe, the Americas, and Africa following close behind at approximately 90% of their […]