The loyalty-creating strategies of Peru’s Pacasmayo

Cement might seem like an unlikely place to find innovation, and ample use of data. However, Stanford graduate Martín Ferraro, Innovation Manager at Peru’s Cementos Pacasmayo, offers evidence to the contrary. “Innovation is part of the company’s DNA. This year marks Pacasmayo’s 60th in business, and if there is something that has characterized our development, it’s innovation,” he told Latin Trade. Product innovation Pacasmayo is almost the sole producer in Peru’s northern region, a market structure that could serve as the perfect environment for complacency and non-innovative behavior. EBITDA margins in the Peruvian cement industry are also high by Latin American standards (Unacem 20 percent, Yura 34 percet and Pacasmayo 30 percent. The Latin Trade 500 average ex-Peru is 19 […]