Latin America’s 1,000 largest companies of 2017

Latin Trade’s ranking of the 1,000 largest companies in Latin America shows some impressive changes in some of the companies’ positions and revenue growth. One of many examples is Argentina’s Pampa Energía, which climbed 114 spots from last year’s ranking. It’s been a good year for Pampa, with a four-fold increase in revenue in the second quarter and a 35-year extension to develop Argentina’s Rincón del Mangrullo, one of the country’s leading unconventional gas developments.   Other companies that show great performance include Bancolombia, Banco Bogotá, Inversiones CMPC and BRF Brasil. The LT1000 gathers all the essential financial data of companies: total assets, EBITDA, revenues, gross profit and net income (where available), compared with last year. The sectors covered include: […]


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