Alliances: the new way to finance development (Part 2)

The IDB is seeking alliances among universities and philanthropists. Interview with Bernardo Guillamón and Matías Bendersky. Bringing knowledge to the process of Latin American development and bringing together the philanthropists of the world are two tasks that the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has taken on. Added to the traditional donations are other innovative financial formulas, such as Blended Finance. How is it done? Bernardo Guillamón, manager of the bank’s Strategic Alliances Office and Matías Bendersky, chief of the Alliances and Mobilization of Resources unit in that office, explain. How do you want to associate the IDB with the universities? Bernardo Guillamón: We are very interested in continuing to broaden the conversation with knowledge institutions and universities. These alliances, which are […]