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LBC spoke with two CFOs at our CFO Forum in Mexico City to get their insight on this topic.

Changes in the global economy have led to inevitable changes in the roles of company directors.A CFO is no longer just a number cruncher.He or she must also be a business partner, making strategic decisions and attracting talent to their companies. Increasingly they are also outward-facing – communicating with shareholders and other stakeholders in business.

The changing role of the CFO was one of the main topics of discussion during Latin Trade's most recent CFO Forum in Mexico City, held June 11. LBC spoke with Latin Trade's CFO of the Year 2014 Rafael Contreras Grosskelwing, of retailer Grupo Chedruai , as well as Mario Farcic, CFO of Zurich Mexico General Insurance to gain their insight into the changing role of financial executives, what CFOs should keep in mind for the future, as well as their companies' plans.

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