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Golin: Bringing innovate PR and Communications Solutions to LatAm

Golin has made a reputation for itself as one of the most dynamic and innovative communications firms, with important clients such as  Dow Chemical, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Toyota Motor and Wal-Mart. Most notable among its innovations are those of g4 and Bridge, which have revolutionized business structure and real-time marketing,  making the company among the most successful in its field.

The company will now take its operations to Latin America. “Our approach has been to establish an alliance of the very best communications firms in each local market. We are now able to service global, regional and local clients from private and public sectors, who will fit seamlessly into our network,” said Gary Rudnick, Golin’s President of the Americas in a press release from the company.

LBC sat down with Golin CEO Fred Cook, as well as Flavia Vigio, the Executive Director who is leading the drive into the region, about the company’s unique innovations, their strategy for expansion into the region, and what they see as challenges and opportunities.

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