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June 13, 2014

Give peace a chance: Colombians head to polls
Election on Sunday will determine how the peace process moves forward.

 Colombians will head to the polls again on Sunday to choose their next president for the 2014 to 2018 term. But whether voters choose incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos or his rival, Oscar Iván Zuluaga, should have little bearing on the performance of Latin America’s third-largest economy. Televised debates ahead of the election show the candidates differ little in terms of economic policy. But the issue that divides the two is the peace talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, LBC reports.

Peru's trans-Andean tunnels requires $2 billion
Government says preliminary studies for project are in final phase

Peru's government plans to invest $2 billion in the construction of a trans-Andean tunnel in order to eventually implement the country’s Central Railroad, the Transport and Communication Ministry said. “The preliminary infrastructure studies are in their final phase and they are expected to be concluded in the coming months,” Carlos Paredes (left), Minister of Transport and Communications said, Andina reports.

Device to watch TV anywhere debuts in Colombia
U.S. firm Sling Media launches Slingbox personal streaming service

Slingbox, which allows people to watch their favorite television channels from anywhere in the world, was presented for the first time in Colombia. So-called "personal streaming," made available via Slingbox by the U.S. firm Sling Media, will be tested in the Colombian market and later will be offered in other Latin American countries, Fox News Latino reports.

Mexico delays TV channel tender until September
Telecoms regulator cites delays in telecoms reform's secondary laws

Mexico's telecom regulator said it would postpone the first stage of a tender for two new national TV channels from June to September.  The authority cited  a delay in laws that should set out details of a sector overhaul approved in 2013. Given the lag, "there is no certainty about some issues that may affect stakeholders' business plans, which could create a disincentive for investment," the regulator said, Reuters reports.

Chile and Peru keep rates at 4 percent
Both countries contend with slowing economic growth

Chile and Peru kept interest rates unchanged yesterday as the central banks in both countries contend with above-target inflation and slowing economic growth. Chile grew at the slowest pace in four years in the first quarter while Peru grew at the second-slowest pace, as falling copper prices halted an investment boom in the mining industry, Bloomberg reports.


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Colombia's richest man endorses Santos for President Colombia Reports

Mexico's IENOVA to build wind park to export power to U.S. Reuters

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