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LBC takes a look at how each country in the region fairs in attracting foreign investment.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is key for any economy to see the growth necessary to bring development. The amount of FDI a country attracts can also be an indicator of how “hot” investors find it – whether the economy provides the necessary market size, growth, and stability to become an “investor darling.”

For these reasons, LBC takes a look at how each Latin American country is doing in attracting foreign investment. We take a look at these investments from two angles: one, the actual stock of FDI in each country, and its change over the past year, providing an inside look at where international investors are putting their money, and what trends have occurred in the past year. The other part looks at each country’s FDI stock as a percentage of overall GDP, showing which countries have done best at attracting this investment, and conversely depend most on this investment.

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