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Millicom: from mobile provider to digital lifestyle company

LBC spoke with Millicom’s Martin Lewerth, Executive Vice President for Home and Digital Media about the company’s transition into providing new services.

Millicom has been a star of many LBC rankings over the past year. The telecommunications company, headquartered in the European country of Luxembourg, but with corporate offices in Stockholm and Miami as well, is best known by its Tigo brand in Latin America, where it services customers in Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Paraguay. The company saw over $4 billion in revenues come from Latin America in 2013 according to LBC’s latest  Multinational Index, and was the growth leader for 4Q13 of the 25 multinationals in our index with revenues up 6.3 percent year over year.

The company continues to see incredible growth in Latin America, and recently announced its move into new sectors beyond mobile telephony, including cable television, mobile financial transactions, and e-commerce. Given these exciting new developments, LBC sat down with Martin Lewerth, Millicom’sExecutive Vice President for Home and Digital Media, to gain his insight into the company’s plans and goals for the future.

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