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Samsung unveils new product line for Latin America

The Korean company presented its new line at their Samsung Latin Forum this month

“Innovation is key for Samsung. We’re the only brand able to make its customers dreams come true.” With those words, Samsung CEO for Latin America Steve Lee opened the company’s annual Latin Forum, this year held in Cancun, Mexico. At these annual forums,the Korean company presents its newest line of products for the coming year.

Technology is a rapidly growing market within Latin America, and Samsung has been at the forefront of that growth. Tablet sales grew 80 percent in 2013, and by 2017 one-fifth of Latin Americans should have a tablet, said Lee. Sales of smart phones have also seen double digit growth and should reach 150 million handsets by 2015. In addition, Samsung has been the leading brand in Latin America’s television market for the past four years.

This year Samsung will launch a variety of new products for the region – including some catered especially to the tastes of Latin American customers. The television market this year will be dominated by ultra high-definition (UHD) TVs, which have over 8,000 pixels – almost four times the amount of a regular high-definition television. In addition to this, curve televisions will also become a major product in the international market – with Latin America no different. “Curve televisions present the viewer with a clearer image and makes the picture seem more realistic and larger than it is,” Arturo Juárez, Senior Manager for Audiovisual at Samsung Mexico told LBC.

Additionally, this being the year of the World Cup, Samsung has also created a special app this year: SoccerMode, which they hope will appeal to their Latin American customers. “80 percent of Latin Americans say they like soccer, 50 percent say they talk about it once a week, and fully one-quarter call themselves ‘addicts’” Juárez told LBC. To that end, Samsung has launched the Soccer Panel application in conjunction with ESPN Latino on their smart TVs. The application will allow users to zoom in, instant replay, research other information on the TV while watching the game, and in some countries, open up to four screens on the TV at once – all on one devide. “TV is not just TV anymore – it’s a multi-task experience, and Samsung wants to help their customers better live their dreams,” Juárez said.

Tablets have also been an exciting opportunity for Samsung, and 2014 will see the introduction of two new tablets – one 8.4” and one 12”. “Tablets are for business and pleasure, and Samsung’s new tablets have everything you need to work and play,” Samsung Director for Marketing and Sales Juan Miguel Athié told participants. Tablets will now allow users to open up to four screen simultaneously, helping users better multitask, as well as connect to files on their PC. This year’s tablets will also feature a full-size virtual keyboard, making typing more functional. Battery life has been improved up to 10 hours, and the larger tablet weighs only 750 grams (1lb,10oz).

Beyond television and tablets, Samsung will also offer a number of new appliances in the region, which will be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. New refrigerators – which will include a special display case – will feature water dispensers that offer filtered and cooled water. Samsung has also released a new air conditioner designer this year in a triangle-shape, which will improve cooling by helping air to come out faster and go further, therefore cooling more efficiently. The air conditioner will also feature a virus protector that eliminates 99 percent of viruses and germs, and will be adjustable from other devices via wifi. All Samsung appliances will also be equipped with Samsung’s digital inverter technology, which helps to reduce energy consumption when the device is not in use.

With these new products, Samsung is earning its reputation as a leader in innovation, and will continue to deliver the best and the latest to its Latin American customers.

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