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An interview with Gustavo Leite, Paraguay’s Minister for Industry and Commerce

Paraguay hopes to become a new major player in the sphere of foreign investment Paraguay’s Minister for Industry and Commerce said in an interview with LBC. In the 2014 he anticipates the country will grow between 5 and 7 percent – still enviable, but behind the 13 percent the country grew last year. Much of this growth will depend on climactic conditions, however: almost 40 percent of Paraguay’s GDP depends on agricultural production.

Investors are already arriving in Paraguay, especially in the automotive sector, logistics, grains, and manufacturing directed at the Brazilian market. What’s more, Paraguay has the great advantage of offering 1,390 MW of available energy at a price of $40 per MW – almost half the rate offered in Brazil. Paraguay hopes to be an axis of integration between the Atlantic and the Pacific, as well as the west of Brazil with the Río de la Plata. Minister Leite says the country has a lot to offer: stability, free ports, low taxes, 10 megaprojects this year alone  - and more.

Interview with Gustavo Leite
(Interview in Spanish)


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