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A guide to the region’s major concessions for 2014

LBC’s latest guide to the largest infrastructure bids in the region this year includes 23 projects in six countries with a total combined value of $32.65 billion. The available bids include projects in rail, ports, roads, ports, and energy, and vary in necessary investment from $44 million for the construction and maintenance of a power transmission line in Peru, to over $15 billion for the right to build, operate, and maintain a 511 km (317.5 miles) railway between Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Campinas in Brazil.

Infrastructure development is key to ensuring Latin America’s future prosperity. Experts presenting at the Latin Trade Symposium in October said the region needs to double its current investment in infrastructure development in order to stay competitive in the world. Currently, the region invests around 2.5 percent of GDP. Doubling the region’s infrastructure spending would add growth of as much as 2 percent a year to the region, and if maintained for 20 years, could help the region reach similar levels to East Asia. The private sector will be key in filling in this development deficit, which makes projects like those on this list so important.

Colombia appears most prominently on our list, with seven available projects totaling over $6 billion, mainly in roads. As peace has returned to the country and it has become a new magnet for investment, the country’s roads remain the major challenge to sustaining economic growth. Peru comes in second place with six projects totaling almost $7.2 billion – largely in energy and electricity. Nevertheless, the bulk of that for investment is for the Lima metro. Peru has been at the forefront of infrastructure development in the region. Mexico comes in third four projects, followed by three in Chile, two from Brazil, and one in Paraguay – an $88 million project to rehabilitate 73 km (45 miles) of highway.

Our list includes more specific details on the bids, including project specifics, proposal deadlines, required investment, as well as the email and telephone number of the appropriate points of contact.

Latin America's Infrastructure Guide

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