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December 24, 2013

EXCLUSIVE interview: Arturo Sarukhan, Global Solutions
Former Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. discusses benefits of Trans-Pacific Partnership

LBC interviewed Arturo Sarukhan, chairman of Global Solutions and former Ambassador of Mexico to the United States. Sarukhan discusses some trends in Mexico's trade relation with the U.S., and how the Trans-Pacific Partnership will benefit the region. "What I think is really exciting is the Trans-Pacific Partnership," says Sarukhan, adding that, among other benefits, it would help upgrade Nafta.

Odebrecht Transport to invest $7 billion in 18 Brazilian projects
Plans include roads and railway systems

Odebrecht Transport, a unit of Brazil's Odebrecht SA, is planning to invest $7 billion over the next three years on 18 infrastructure projects, CEO Paulo Cesena said. The projects include roads and rail systems, and will be financed form public and private banks, as well as infrastructure bonds, Cesena said, Bloomberg reports.

Mexico City is boosting tech sector
Government is pushing for clean industrial development

Mexico City is working to boost clean development. "The government is pushing for clean industrial development; call centers, IT, pharmaceutical research, businesses that don't demand water or create pollution," said Vicente Gutierrez, Mexico City office chief for the country's Ministry of Economy. "When it comes to new media and IT capabilities, there's hardly a better place than Mexico City," said Jose Merino, founder of multimedia startup firm Data4, Forbes reports.

Mexico's TV Azteca wins fibre optic network contract in Peru
Construction to begin early next year and will take some two years to complete

Mexican broadcaster TV Azteca won a contract to build and operate a fibre optic network in Peru. The network will cover about 80 percent of the Andean country, and construction will start early next year. The Government of Peru said it will spend $333 million on the project, however, TV Azteca said the government will have to spend some $720 million over its 20-year life, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Uruguay names central bank chief new economy minister
Mario Bergara to replace Fernando Lorenzo

Uruguayan President José Mujica named the current head of the central bank, Mario Bergara, the new economy minister. Bergara will be replaced by the central bank's current head of economic policy and markets, Alberto Grana. Bergara is replacing Fernando Lorenzo, who quit last week amid allegations he took part in an irregular sale of government-owned planes, Reuters reports.


Venezuela devalues bolivar for tourists by 44 percent Bloomberg

Brazil advances in the shale game Rigzone

Peru's economy likely grew by more than 5 percent in November Reuters

Corpbanca to plan asset merger with BBVA or Itaú by January Businessweek

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