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October 29, 2013

Google's Brazil operations come under fire
First likely corporate casualty in the NSA's spying on heads of state case

Google's operations in Brazil are set to become the first corporate casualty in the NSA's eavesdropping on heads of state case. President Dilma Rousseff ordered lawmakers

to hash out an agreement that would require Google, and other online companies, to keep local user information in the country, Bloomberg reports.

Canada mining lobby: Mexico firm on new royalty plan 
Companies in the sector have threatened to cut investment in the country after hearing proposal

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce's mining task force said Mexican lawmakers remain firm on a new mining royalty plan."What I'm hearing is not what I'd like to hear," said Rosalind Wilson, president of the Chamber. Earlier this month Mexico's lower house of Congress approved a 7.5 percent royalty on mining earnings before tax, interests, amortization and depreciation, Reuters reports.

India opens Peru Chamber of Commerce
Bilateral trade between both countries grew 35 percent in 2012

Indian vice president Hamid Ansari (left) launched INCHAM, the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Peru. The move comes as the governments of both countries get ready to start negotiations towards a free trade agreement. Ansari said the business chamber aims to fill in the countries' commercial relations. Bilateral trade between Peru and India grew seven-fold over the past five years, registering a 35 percent growth last year alone, The Hindu reports.

Brazilian economists cut 2014 economic outlook to 2.13 percent
Analysts cited tepid industrial activity as main reason for drop

Brazilian economists and analysts cut their 2014 economic outlook for the country from 2.20 down to 2.13 percent, according to a survey carried out by the central bank. The respondents cited tepid industrial activity as the main reason for the reduction. Brazil's industrial production growth is also expected to drop, down from 2.50 to 2.39 percent this year, Nasdaq reports.

Italy sees Latin American tourism boom
Rome reports 20 percent increase in visitors from the region, led by Argentines

Tourism in Rome has grown 7 percent this year overall, led by a 20 percent increase in visitors from Latin America. The increase is partly due to the popularity of Pope Francis, the city's government said. Argentines lead the increase, with 66 percent more visitors travelling to Rome and the Vatican city compared to last year, The Washington Post reports.  


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