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Ocober 14, 2013

EXCLUSIVE Colombia: A rural dilemma
Government has to choose between supporting family farms or large enterprises

Colombians are faced with having to decide between supporting large agricultural firms or family farms, after controversial land purchases by big companies in the altillanura region in eastern Colombia. President Juan Manuel Santos clearly favors corporate farming for the remote region, but that would collide with laws to promote a much-needed land reform, Latin Business Chronicle reports.

Mexico could receive $35 billion in foreign investment this year
Chrysler is newest investor with $1.1 billion plant inaugurated last week

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said his country could receive some $35 billion in foreign direct investment this year. His comment came during the inauguration of a Chrysler factory in the city of Saltillo worth $1.1 billion. "These investments confirm that the world is turning its attention to our country," the president said, the GlobalPost reports.

Arca declines for third straight week
Beverage firms react to Mexico's plan of higher soda tax

Arca Continental, Latin America's second largest Coca-Cola bottler, declined for the third straight week after the Mexican government announced a new higher tax on soda. “For several weeks, beverage company stocks have been reacting to rumors about news on the soda tax," said Karla Miranda, analyst at Corporativo GBM. Arca Continental’s Mexico drinks unit accounted for 76 percent of its beverage volume during the first half of the year, Bloomberg reports.

Argentina and Brazil blast IMF for pessimism on emerging markets
Both countries confident Latin America has the experience to overcome future instabilities 

Brazil and Argentina questioned  the International Monetary Fund's "excessive pessimism" on the slowdown of emerging markets. Argentine Minister for Economy Hernán Lorenzino said emerging economies are now better prepared than in the past. Brazil's central bank president, Alexander Tombini, said "not so long ago there was an excess of euphoria and now maybe an excess of pessimism," MercoPress reports.

Argentina considers allowing crude oil imports 
Plan aims to counter low output and bolster the country's trade surplus

The Government of Argentina is studying the authorization of crude oil imports, in an effort to counter a decline in oil and gas output. The proposal suggests importing Nigerian Bonny Light crude. But Argentina has strict currency controls and regulations on oil imports, making it difficult for oil firms to enter the country, Reuters reports.


Venezuela holds US ship in spat with Guyana Yahoo News

Lima chosen to host 2019 Pan American games Peru this Week

PDVSA says gasflow from Colombia normalized Hydrocarbon Processing

Tourism to Peru's Amazon set to increase Andina

OVL signs accord to buy 12 percent in Brazilian block Economic Times 

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