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July 11, 2013

Argentina and Mexico are most corrupt in Latin America
Venezuela came in a close third, with the police perceived as most corrupt institution

Mexico and Argentina tied this year as most corrupt countries in Latin America, according to a survey by non-profit group Transparency International. Seventy-two percent of Argentinian and 71 percent of Mexicans believe their country's corruption has grown in the past year, with politicians and their parties sharing the top spot, International Business Times reports.



Paraguay welcomes Germany's Imperial Shipping Group
Company is the largest river transport shipping company in Europe

Germany's Imperial Shipping Group announced July 10 its establishment of operations in Paraguay. The company will be conducting shipping operations through the two major rivers, Parana and Paraguay and contribute towards increasing the level of Paraguayan exports to the European markets, Eurasia Review reports.



Mexico loan reform to boost economy 
Country's commercial lending is one of lowest in region

A bill to boost bank lending in Mexico would have an immediate impact on the economy, helping to boost growth as soon as next year, Deputy Finance Minister Fernando Aportela (left) said. The bill encourages development banks to work more closely with the financial industry to lift lending, which reached only 26 percent of gross domestic product last year, Aportela said, Bloomberg  reports.


Chile's Andina signs deal to buy Brazilian Coca-Cola bottler
Transaction was valued at $539 million

Chilean bottler Embotelladora Andina signed an agreement on Wednesday to acquire Brazilian Coca-Cola bottler Companhia de Bebidas Ipiranga, Andina said. Andina's and Ipiranga's board of directors have approved the transaction, which is expected to be completed during the second half of 2013, Reuters reports.



United Arab Emirates explores Ecuador as key trading partner
Fruit pulps, flowers, bananas and frozen shrimp are Ecuador's top exports to the Middle East

Companies from the United Arab Emirates are now actively exploring Ecuador as a key trading partner to import products such as fruits, wood and flowers. Some $3.5 million in investment is already expected from major Emirates' trading companies as a result of their recent trade mission Ecuador, Middle East Online reports.






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