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June 4, 2013

EXCLUSIVE Chinese leader eyes Latin American energy
Xi Jinping wants to diversify China's energy use, say experts

China's Xi Jinping visit to Latin America this week comes on the heels of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit earlier this month. But rather than viewing it as a battle for influence between the world’s two economic giants, experts say the trip should be viewed as one of purely economic convenience for China, Latin Business Chronicle reports.




Growth forecasts cut for Latin America's two largest economies
Analysts more optimistic about Mexico thanks to its planned structural reforms 

Both Brazil and Mexico missed economists’ expectations in the first quarter. Mexico will grow 2.9 percent this year, compared to the previously estimated 3.3 percent. Brazilian economists cut their forecasts for a third week to 2.7 percent. Growth slowed down in the first quarter after weakened exports and sluggish domestic demand, Bloomberg reports.



Anxiety around Colombia-US trade 
Opponents to the accord point out unbalanced deficit

Colombian businesses are profiting from the Colombia-US trade accord a year after it came into effect, says Colombian ambassador in Washington, Carlos Urrutia. US officials are equally pleased. But some US sectors are worried about some of the growth, such as the dominant Colombian flower industry, Gulf Times  reports.



Trade tops Chile's Sebastian Piñera's agenda for talks with Obama
Both leaders will discuss the Asia-Pacific bloc's attitude towards China

Chilean President Sebastian Piñera said working to complete an Asia-Pacific free trade agreement is at the top of the agenda for his meeting Tuesday with President Barack Obama. Piñera said the essentials of the Trans-Pacific Partnership could be set out in time for an October meeting of Asis-Pacific leaders, The Wall Street Journal  reports.



Argentina's foreign investment policy pushes businesses away
Petrobras could sell its Argentinian assets to raise cash for its expansion in Brazil

Concern over Argentina's erratic policy on foreign investments is pushing regional business entrepreneurs toward caution and or keeping them away from South America’s second largest economy. Argentina nationalized Spanish oil major Repsol's majority stake in local energy giant YPF last year, a move that triggered alarm in the international investor community, MercoPress




  • Mexico's Frisco says work at gold, silver mine suspended Reuters
  • Peru's exports to Costa Rica to exceed $100 million by 2015 Bernama
  • Venezuela’s toilet paper crisis ignites bond sale talk Bloomberg
  • Bolivia builds power plant on Argentina border Latin American Herald Tribune
  • Uruguay's trade deficit climbs over $1 billion Bernama





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