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100 Most Powerful Businesspeople

The men and women that influence and lead the business scene in Latin America.

Welcome to the fourth annual ranking of Latin America’s 100 Most Powerful Businesspeople from Latin Business Chronicle.


This is a new list that includes a good number of new important and influential players in the Latin American business community. Heads of large corporations and wealthy individuals are in general the ones that occupy an important position on this list. Nonetheless, some of the entries represent small companies in terms of revenues, but are included for wielding influence in their sector beyond their yearly balance sheets. We have also tried to balance entries based on geography, so that smaller economies are included.


The list includes nnatives of Latin America as well as foreign executives who have a significant impact on the region, supervising companies that are among the top tax payers and employers in several countries in the region.


The ranking is grouped by country of the company's headquarters. For the key power players from U.S.-based companies, see "USA," for example.

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