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Concierges’ Secrets: Buenos Aires

Charles Budden and Sebastian Blaser, concierges at the HIlton Buenos Aires in downtown's Puerto Madero area, share their dining, driving and shopping secrets.

Beef, Italian or Seafood - Best Business Meals

For restaurants, we can recommend El Mirasol del Puerto for beef, Marcelo for Italian cuisine and Puerto Cristal for seafood. In each of these places, you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere for business, first-rate cuisine and exceptional service; they are all just a few minutes from the Puerto Madero.

Staying Safe

As for security, we recommend that you always leave valuables in the hotel's safety deposit box. It's also important to be careful with how you handle money on the street. If someone tries to help you for whatever reason, we recommend that you don't let them, since this can often be a way to distract you.

Making Your Meetings

Travel by taxi is safe, as long as you use radio taxis. Of course, we always recommend taking hotel cars, which guarantees the attention and excellent service that you deserve.

In 24 Hours as a Tourist...

If you have a full day to spend in Buenos Aires, the perfect thing would be to take a tour of the city in order to get an idea of the different neighborhoods, and then go back and explore further what you've seen during the tour. The Recoleta, Palermo and San Telmo districts are usually the most visited.

Leather from the Source and Other Shopping Pleasures

For shopping, we recommend Cordoba Avenue in the Outlet district. You cross Scalabrini Ortiz Avenue, and you'll find a great variety of retailers selling clothing of every type. Something you cannot miss for sure is to visit a leather factory. There you'll find excellent prices and unbeatable quality. If you'd like to arrange a visit, the factory offers a free shuttle service. Of course, it's very important to make a stop on Florida Street, the commercial heart of the city.

Tipping Right

The tip in restaurants is generally 10 percent, while for taxis it's customary to round up from the amount that appears on the meter at the end of the trip.

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