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Latin Business Chronicle ranks the most influential women in the Latin American business world of 2012. They include chief executives, board members, company advisers, and creators of some of the region’s most important economic trends.

Choosing the top 30 businesswomen in Latin America is no easy task. Female CEOs are no longer a rarity, and their presence should come as no surprise to anyone these days. “Men and women are now competing on a stage where gender is becoming less important by the day. Ability, skills and management styles make no difference whether it’s a man or a woman”, said Gabriela Castro, president of human resources firm Korn Ferry for the Andean region.

In 1970, Latin American universities produced 20 women graduates to every 100 men. Today the proportion is equal, according to a study by Laura Chioda of the World Bank. This marks a huge step forward that is reflected in corporate boardrooms.

Which is why choosing the list of our top 30 women in business is more complicated these days. At times, the choice can be agonizing.


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