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US Trade: Chile, Colombia Gain Most

trade with Latin America sets new record.




Chile and Colombia were the two Latin American countries that gained the most in trade with the United States last year, according to an analysis by Latin Business Chronicle. Meanwhile, Panama was also among the top four winners.


After several years of delays, the US Congress in October passed free trade agreements with Colombia and Panama.


All in all, US trade with Latin America grew by 20.9 percent in 2011, reaching a record $771.8 billion. US exports to the region increased 22.2 percent to $351.1 billion, while imports from Latin America expanded 19.8 percent to $420.7 billion.



The U.S. trade deficit with Latin America reached $69.6 billion, an increase of 7.6 percent compared with the 2010 deficit.

The Latin Business Chronicle analysis also shows that .U.S. trade with Brazil (its second-largest partner in Latin America) grew at a faster rate than with Mexico (its largest partner).


U.S. trade with Mexico grew...

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