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Quoted: In Their Own Words

"The Brazilian government is shooting itself in the foot. Brazil still needs capital and technological expertise. It is not to Brazil's strategic benefit to frighten people into leaving, or to not investing."
Pavel Molchanov, a Raymond James analyst in Houston, in The Wall Street Journal, March 19, 2012, on criminal charges against Chevron executives over an oil spill last year.

Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, Brazil is a procedure wrapped in a policy inside a process."
David Berger,  Latin America president for NAI Global on Twitter

"You don’t want to invest in Mexico if its main trading partner hasn’t recovered completely."
Cervantes, an economist at Grupo Financiero Banorte-Ixe in Mexico City, quoted by Bloomberg, Feb 20. 2012

"Chávez has never been more vulnerable, and the opposition never more united."
Michael Shifter, president of the Washington-based Inter-American Dialogue, in The Wall Street Journal,
Feb. 13, 2012
exican Central Bank Governor Augustin Carstens in The Wall Street Journal, June 3, 2011, on how he is not always orthodox on economic issues

"I went to the University of Chicago, but it's not a religion"
Mexican Central Bank Governor Augustin Carstens in The Wall Street Journal, June 3, 2011, on how he is not always orthodox on economic issues.
"I've never felt more positive than I do today"
Arcos Dorados CEO Woods Staton at Bravo Council in Rio de Janeiro, April 29, 2011
"We can’t afford further delay"
US Chamber of Commerce President Thomas J. Donohue, April 6, 2011, on the need for a speedy approval of the US-Colombia free trade agreement 
"The gains of trade to be made are hugely dependent on the investment in infrastructure"
IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno to Bloomberg, March 28, 2011
"Innovation doesn´t have to be rocket science, but to simply think differently"
Omar Hauache, CEO of Fleury in Brazil, at the SAP Forum in Sao Paulo, March 22, 2011
"This is really the best time in 30 years"
French native Frederic Donier from Crescendo on doing business in Brazil, in Latin Business Chronicle, March 8, 2011
"This decision represents a travesty of justice"
Oil expert Gustavo Coronel on the Ecuador verdict against Chevron, in Latin Business Chronicle, Feb.17, 2011
"It’s all about management and vision - and the Cuetos are way ahead of the industry."
Bob Booth, Chairman of AvGroup, on the LAN-TAM merger, in Latin Business Chronicle, Jan. 21, 2011
"It is all well and good that high commodity prices are benefiting Brazil; but the last time I checked, those who live in favelas and the gangs that control these shantytowns do not harvest soybeans for a living"
Jerry Haar, professor at Florida International University, in Latin Business Chronicle, January 5, 2011
"The Latin American region has to be the 'darling' emerging market for global multinationals -- right there with China."
Leo Rodriguez, Latin America president for Emerson, in Latin Business Chronicle, January 4, 2011
"I am more bullish than ever about Latin America"
Alvaro Diago, COO for Latin America at InterContinental Hotels Group, in Latin Business Chronicle, January 4, 2011
"It dawned on me that there was no word for entrepreneur in Spanish"
Endeavor CEO Linda Rottenberg in The Wall Street Journal, Dec.2, 2010, on the need for entrepreneur-supporting organizations like hers in Latin America and other markets.
"Brazil is the pretty girl at the party"
Alberto Bernal from Bulltick at the LT CFO Event November 12, 2010 commenting on why Brazil attracts investors despite its challenges
"Colombia is the best place to invest in Latin America"
Pacific Rubiales CEO Ronald Pantin at the Latin Trade Symposium, Oct. 29, 2010
"I’m going to stay bullish until told otherwise. "
Thomas Shannon, US Ambassador to Brazil, on that country's outlook, at the Latin Trade Symposium, Oct. 29, 2010
"A currency bubble could be a risk for Brazil"
BNDES president Luciano Coutinho at the Latin Trade Symposium, Oct. 29, 2010
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno on how Latin America's development banks compares to Brazil's BNDES, at the Latin Trade Symposium, Oct. 29, 2010
"Well-renumerated jobs is the best social policy"
Pacific Rubiales CEO Ronald Pantin at the Latin Trade Symposium, Oct. 29, 2010
"We should rely more on domestic savings"
Luciano Coutinho, president of Brazil's development bank BNDES, at the Latin Trade Symposium, Oct. 29, 2010
"The leadership of our president was essential"
Enrique Cibie, former CEO of Masisa, on the successful rescue of 33 miners, at the Latin Trade Symposium, Oct. 29, 2010
"The future of our relationship with Brazil is not bilateral, it's global"
Thomas Shannon, US Ambassador to Brazil, at the Latin Trade Symposium, Oct. 29, 2010
"It's a game changer for the maritime world"
Panama Canal Authority Administrator Alberto Aleman on the waterway's $5.2 billion expansion, at the Latin Trade Symposium, Oct. 29, 2010
"A brilliant example of human excellence—of cohesion, of united and committed action, of planning and execution, of caring"
Peggy Noonan in The Wall Street Journal, Oct.16, 2010 on the Chile rescue of 33 trapped miners.
"It’s the IMF that’s in crisis"
Venezuelan Finance Minister Jorge Giordani, rejecting IMF estimates of a GDP decline this year, as quoted by Union Radio, Oct 6, 2010
"We are going to find out what Colombia would have looked like without Uribe"
Prominent American businessman who has lived in Mexico for more than 20 years and now plans to leave, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 10, 2010
"Whoever leaves Monterrey is a coward!"
Cemex CEO Lorenzo Zambrano, on the exodus of executives leaving the city following a surge in drug violence, as quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 10, 2010
"China remains the main driver of trade growth in Latin America"
Bulltick analyst Kathryn Rooney Vera, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, Sept. 1, 2010
"Eight million Chilean workers are richer in terms of retirement savings after the Lan-Tam merger"
Jose Pinera, founder of Chile's private pension system, on the LAN stock surge after it announced plans to acquire TAM, as quoted by Bloomberg, August 18, 2010
"Colombia is the Cinderella story in Latin America right now"
Lee Harrison, Latin America editor of InternationalLiving.com, July 20, 2009
"Colombia can now choose who it wants to dance with."
Colombian President Alvaro Uribe on his country's growing FTA's as the US FTA languishes in Congress, as quoted by La Republica, June 25, 2010
"I hope the U.S. congress gets the message"
Humberto Jose Gomez, president of Colombian Private Council on Competitiveness, at the Business Future of the Americas conference in Peru, June 22, 2010 commenting on the Canada-Colombia FTA that was approved in Canada.
"Everything is going as it should"
Brazil tourism minister Luis Barretto on news that Sao Paulo missed a deadline for being able to host a 2014 World Cup event, as quoted by Bloomberg, June 16, 2010
"We do not need foreigners to produce food in Brazil"
Brazilian Agrarian Development Minister Guilherme Cassel quoted in Valor Economico on plans to limit foreign ownership of land.
"It’s going to take a very large mistake from Santos for him not to win"
Alberto Bernal, Bulltick Capital Markets, on the likelihood that Juan Manuel Santos wins Colombia's presidential runoff June 20, as  quoted by Bloomberg, June 1, 2010
"Nobody is going to come to Panama to sell to the domestic market. We tell investors 'Come to Panama and sell to the world'"
Panama Commerce Minister Roberto Henriquez to Reuters, May 28, 2010
"We'll work for a more prosperous and competitive Costa Rica"
Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla, May 8, 2010 
"The market as much as possible and the state where necessary."
Colombian presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos, as quoted by Portafolio, April 27, 2010
"Is that reason to worry? Not at all"
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on his country's recession in 2009 and likely recession in 2010, as quoted by Bloomberg, April 26, 2010
"10 years ago Colombia was a failed state. Now we see it as the best opportunity in Latin America "
Mark Cobben, regional director for Americas for British American Tobacco, at the World Economic Forum in Cartagena, April 7, 2010
"In economic terms, there is reason to almost canonize Meirelles"
Former Citibank analyst Thomas Trebat, as quoted by Bloomberg, April 2, 2010
"You should never fall in love with assets."
Eike Batista, Brazil's wealthiest man, quoted by Bloomberg, March 30, 2010
"It's refreshing to have an election and see there's no fuss about either outcome"
Andrew Bela Janszki of the Brazil office of Shearman & Sterling on the upcoming presidential elections, as quoted by Wall Street Journal, March 29, 2010
"I hope to stay longer than my predecessor"
Eduardo Solorzano, the new president of Walmart Latin America, referring to his predecessor's five-month stint, at a Miami press conference, Feb. 23, 2010
"Foreign investment is absolutely necessary for us"
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez on why he asked foreign oil firms to return to help develop Orinoco, as quoted by AP, Feb. 10, 2010
"That's like asking Scott Rothstein for advice on legal ethics."
Miami Herald editorial Feb 8, 2010 on Venezuela bringing in Cuba as an advisor on energy problems.
"I could not care less who is the next president of Brazil"
Alberto Bernal, Bulltick Capital Markets, at Latin America 2010 conference of the University of Miami's Center for Hemispheric Policy, Miami, Feb 5, 2010, commenting on the confidence that current economic policies will continue whoever wins October elections
"Ecuador is always on the verge of default. It's a country that doesn't really try to get its act together."
Liliana Rojas-Suarez, senior fellow at Center for Global Development, at Latin America 2010 conference of University of Miami's Center for Hemispheric Policy, Miami, Feb 5, 2010
"This will be a bank that will be directed by phone by Mr and Mrs Kirchner"
An economic analyst on the messy intervention in Argentina's central bank, as quoted by Financial Times, Feb. 1, 2010
"Demand will outpace the political inertia."
Leo Rodriguez, president of Latin America for Emerson, on Latin America this year, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, Jan 4, 2010
"Latin America is still a vulnerable region, with high poverty indexes"
Hernan Rincon, president of Microsoft Latin America, in Latin Business Chronicle, Jan 4, 2010
"The confidence of the German business community into Latin America has returned"
Peter Rosler of German business group Lateinamerika Verein, in Latin Business Chronicle, Jan.4, 2010
"A lot of countries would die to have the kind of strong economic position that Brazil has, so I don’t know why they would want to tarnish it"
Geoffrey Pazzanese from Federated Investors on Brazil's new ADR tax,as quoted by Bloomberg, Nov.19, 2009
"The whole thing is a ridiculous, very lame attempt to control something they shouldn’t try to control"
Greg Lesko, Deltek Asset Management, on Brazil's new tax on ADR's, as quoted by Bloomberg, Nov. 19, 2009
"I'm beginning to rethink my 2016 plans"
Brazil expert and Columbia University professor Albert Fishlow on the 2016 Olympics scheduled for Rio de Janeiro, as quoted by the Inter-American Dialogue's Latin America Advisor, October 14, 2009
"Everyone has this sense that growth can only come through government intervention, and the track record there isn’t that strong"
Mexican Finance Minister Agustin Carstens, as quoted by Bloomberg, October 6, 2009
"Access to iPods, Levis, Motorola cellphones, Nikes, and Dell laptops will not catalyze young Cubans to take to the streets and trigger a velvet revolution"
Jerry Haar, from Florida International University, in Latin Business Chronicle, Sept. 14, 2009
"The Brazil economic rebound is widespread, swift and real"
Leo Rodriguez, Latin America president for Emerson, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, August 17, 2009
"We could be a world leader with cacao, what beef is for Argentina or rice for Thailand"
Jorge Redmond, CEO of Venezuela's Chocolates El Rey, as quoted by The New York Times, July 28, 2009
"No body cared that for the past three years we had a president who violated laws"
Jackie Foglia Sandoval, former president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Honduras, on international protests against ouster of President Manuel Zelaya, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, June 29, 2009
"People pretend to pay taxes and the state pretends to give services"
Marcelo Giugale, World Bank director, on Latin America's Catch-22, in Latin Business Chronicle, June 17, 2009
"Remind me never to play poker with that guy"
Aberdeen Asset analyst Edwin Gutierrez, on Ecuador President Rafael Correa's gamble on debt renegotiation, as quoted by Bloomberg, June 16, 2009
"PDVSA's production figures are fudged"
VenEconomy editor Robert Bottome, quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, June 5, 2009
"FDI will increase if Uribe runs again"
Alberto Bernal from Bulltick Capital Markets, May 11, 2009
"The thumbs of politics are weighing heavily on the scales of justice in Ecuador"
Chevron spokeman James Craig on meddling by Ecuador president Rafael Correa in a lawsuit against the US company, as quoted by The Washington Post, April 28, 2009
"These guys have profit margins that are off the charts"
Citi analyst Stephen Trent on Panama's Copa Airlines, as quoted by Investor's Business Daily, April 28, 2009
"Searching for substance in the 21-page Declaration is akin to looking for a polar bear in a snowstorm"
FIU professor Jerry Haar on the Summit of the Americas, Latin Business Chronicle, April 23, 2009,
"Chávez's gesture was the equivalent of presenting Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf to an Israeli president."
Columnist Andres Oppenheimer in the Miami Herald, April 19, 2009 on Hugo Chavez' book gift to Obama at Trinidad summit.
"When Latin America sneezes, Miami catches cold"
Ramon Usategui, president of Florida International Bankers Association, as quoted by Daily Business Review, April 9, 2009
"Raul "Castro is allowing the Cuban people to enter at full speed the twentieth century — except we’re in the twenty-first" century. "
Otto Reich, President Bush's former special envoy to Latin America, as quoted by Newsmax, April 6, 2009
"As a white man with blue eyes, I wish to disclaim any responsibility for the economic meltdown. However, if President Lula is correct, then Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio have a lot of explaining to do."
Latin America expert Jerry Haar in the Miami Herald, April 1, 2009
"If anyone in the U.S. has fear about road safety, it’s because they don’t even trust their own inspectors"
Rafael Godines, general manager of Transportes Rafa, on the argument for suspending the US entry of Mexican trucks, as quoted by Bloomberg, March 19, 2009
"This is the antithesis of competitiveness"
Mexican Economy Minister Gerardo Ruiz Mateos, on the U.S. restrictions on Mexican trucks entering the United States, as quoted by Bloomberg, March 18, 2009
"Some of the tax incentives are incredibly luring to international [investors], especially as we in America are being taxed to the hilt"
Ivanka Trump, on Panama's attractiveness, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, March 3, 2009
"Your money isn't safe anywhere"
Mexican Stanford client Celia Meta quoted by Bloomberg, Feb.19, 2009
"Brazil has many positive factors working for it right now, not the least of which is that it is a golden child for the international investment community"
David L Berger, Managing Director for Latin America, NAI Global, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, Feb.6, 2009
"Had he spent more time down there they would have made him an honorary citizen"
Doug Goudie, international trade policy dierctor at the National Association of Manufacturers, on Carlos Gutierrez' frequent trips to Colombia as US commerce secretary, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, Jan.28, 2009
"If there aren't clear rules of the game, if there isn't predictability, there won't be investments."
Argentine vice president Julio Cobos, criticizing Argentine President Cristina Fernandez's economic policies, as quoted by Bloomberg, January 21, 2009 
"His mouth is writing checks that the oil price doesn’t allow him to cash at the moment"
Russell Dallen, Caracas Capital Markets, on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez' challenge, as quoted by Bloomberg, January 12, 2009 
"Two plus two always equals four, never five"
Cuban President Raul Castro, on the need to cut government expenses in light of reduced revenues, as quoted by Reuters, Dec.29, 2008
"It’s a rare thing to not pay when you can"
David Bessey, Prudential Financial, on Ecuador's debt default, as quoted by Bloomberg, December 15, 2008
"This is like looking into the rearview mirror"
Silvio Campos Neto of Banco Schahin on Brazil's strong 3Q ahead of a weaker 4Q, as quoted by Reuters, December 9, 2008
"We don't govern the world, it's governed by the United States and China"
Peruvian President Alan Garcia, on why his country must prepare for a slowdown, as quoted by Reuters, December 7, 2008
"Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chávez, is not feeling the love"
Editorial in The New York Times, November 24, 2008
"A perfect storm of opportunities"
Pete Pizarro, eLandia CEO, on the US crisis and its impact on Latin America, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, November 17, 2008
"The Europeans are eating our lunch and Nancy Pelosi is feeding them."
Editorial in Investor's Business Daily, November 14, 2008, decrying US House Speaker Pelosi's opposition to the US-colombia FTA while the European Union plans a Colombia FTA by June 2009.
"It's time to stop playing games with a trade pact whose economic and political benefits are good for both nations"
Editorial in Los Angeles Times on the US-Colombia FTA, November 12, 2008
"A trade agreement with Colombia will be much more difficult but not impossible"
Myles Frechette, former US Ambassador to Colombia, quoted by Bloomberg, November 5, 2008
"I don't have any concern about credit for a company like McDonald's"
JC Gonzalez-Mendez, president McDonald's Latin America, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, November 3, 2008
"Whatever the economy turns out to be, Avon is in a privileged situation"
Avon Latin America executive vice president Charles Herington, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, October 27, 2008
"She's just a mouthpiece for the family firm."
Riordan Roett, director of Latin America studies at Johns Hopkins University, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal, October 23, 2008
"We’re in the same situation of people who have lost a limb but can still feel it"
Ricardo Hausmann, a Venezuelan economist who teaches at Harvard, on the impact on Venezuela of the strong fall in oil prices, as quoted by The New York Times, October 20, 2008
"When you change rules, foreign investors flee"
Greg Lesko at Deltec Asset Management, on Argentina's nationalization plans for 10 pension funds, as quoted by Bloomberg, October 21, 2008
"Among the many falsehoods in this Presidential campaign, this is one of the worst. "
Wall Street Journal editorial October 17, 2008 on Barack Obama's statement during the October 16 presidential debate that there are no persecutions against union assassins in Colombia.
"Petro-fascist Hugo Chavez of Venezuela lost some of his bluster"
SeekingAlpha columnist Irwin Greenstein, on the recent decline in oil prices, October 14, 2008
"If the storm coming from the United States is strong but not Category 5, the institutionality of Latin America should hold"
Peter Hakim, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, as quoted by the Chicago Tribune, October 8, 2008
"This is an excellent time to be in Latin America"
Emerson Latin America president Leo Rodriguez on the region's strong fundamentals amidst the growing US crisis, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, October 6, 2008
"It was a good ride, but the era of abundance is over."
Gray Newman, chief Latin America economist at Morgan Stanley, on the Wall Street crisis effect on the region, as quoted by Bloomberg, October 2, 2008
"I'm not inventing the kidnappings. That's what's happening in the country. "
Televisa CEO Emilio Azcarraga, reacting to criticism that his TV stations broadcast heavy coverage of the crime surge, as quoted by CNN Expansion, September 25, 2008
"It would be worse to do nothing - that is no violence, but prevailing organized criminal operations"
Nicole Reich de Polignac, president and CEO of Scotiabank Mexico, on the growing violence as a result of the government's anti-crime campaign, as quoted in Latin Business Chronicle, Sept. 22, 2008 
"[The] report submitted to a court hearing in the lawsuit in Ecuador contains fabricated and erroneous evidence."
Chevron statement, September 15, 2008
"This problem is not resolved in a friendly way. They are slamming the door, without negotiating"
Christian Reos, an analyst at Allaria Ledesma brokerage in Buenos Aires, on the Argentine repayment of Paris Club debt without having an IMF agreement in place, as quoted by Reuters, September 2, 2008
"Unless they now swallow that pride, it will be followed by a fall."
The Economist, August 21, 2008, on the Kirchners in Argentina
"The government's numbers are a joke"
Argentine political and economic analyst Federico Thomsen on the official inflation statistics, as quoted by Bloomberg, August 11, 2008
"It is no longer a question of “if,” it is now a question of “when” the Kirchners will be ousted"
Walter Molano, head of research at BCP Securities, in Latin Business Chronicle, August 11, 2008
"I go ahead even if it’s illegal. I later tell the lawyers, 'If it’s illegal, you make it legal.'"
Bolivian President Evo Morales, as quoted by The New York Times, August 8, 2008
"I was nothing. Today, I am in heaven"
Maria Auxiliadora Sampaio, on benefiting from Bolsa Familia and microloans in Brazil, as quoted in The New York Times, July 31, 2008
"Next year is not an option. We've got to get Colombia done this year."
U.S. Rep. Jim McCreary (R-LA), on the need to set a date for a congressional vote on the US-Colombia FTA, as quoted by reuters, July 16, 2008
"Passengers on Latin American carriers, regardless of travel class, expect chicken cordon bleu and cabernet, not pretzels and Dr. Pepper."
Jerry Haar, associate dean and professor at the College of Business Administration at Florida International University, as quoted by Latin America Advisor, June 2008 
"Talent is scarce in Latin America"
Carlos Garcia, head of Novartis Latin America, in Latin Business Chronicle, June 16, 2008
"The poor are not poor just because others are rich"
Manuel Ayau, founder of Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala, as quoted by Los Angeles Times, June 6, 2008 
"It looks increasingly as though the real reason Democratic leaders won't vote on the Colombia deal is that they don't want to alienate their organized-labor backers during an election year."
Los Angeles Times, May 28, 2008
"The political cowardice the Democrats are showing with regard to the U.S.-Colombia FTA is truly astonishing"
National Review editorial, May 20, 2008
"President Chavez does not speak for Latin America. "
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as quoted by AP, May 12, 2008
"There's going to be a flood of money coming into the market."
Marcio Mello Silva Baptiste of law firm TozziniFreire on Brazil getting investment grade from S&P, as quoted by Globe & Mail, May 5, 2008
"From now on, Nestor Kirchner is fully in command."
Argentine opposition leader Elisa Carrio on the changes in economy minister, as quoted by AP, April 28, 2008
"There is not going to be a check written"
Chevron spokesman Kent Robertson on the multibillion lawsuit against the company in Ecuador, as quote by CNSNews,.com, April 17, 2008
"We feel these guys are nothing but con men"
Chevron spokesman Don Campbell on the Ecuadorian winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize, as quoted by AP, April 14, 2008
"If the United States takes the rug out from under us, we would look like imbeciles internally and in the region"
Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia's defense minister, on a defeat of the US-Colombia FTA, as quoted by The New York Times, April 14, 2008
"Colombia will buy tractors, mining equipment and fertilizer from Canada, France and Germany instead of Illinois, Georgia and Texas"
US Rep. Jim McCreary (R-Louisiana) on the results of not passing the Colombia FTA, as quoted by The New York Times, April 11, 2008
"Speaker Pelosi got her 3:00 a.m. call and said, ‘I’m not answering it.”"
John Walters, US Director National Drug Control Policy, April 10, 2008, on Speaker Nancy Pelosi's efforts to block a vote on the Colombia-US free trade agreement 
"As the government failed to control inflation, it's trying to control the indexes"
Marcos Ochoa, a professor of macroeconomics at the University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires, on Argentina's failed inflation fight, as quoted by Bloomberg, April 10, 2008
"Doing nothing would be worse than losing"
Editorial in the Investor's Business Daily, April 7, 2008, on getting the US congress to approve or reject the Colombia FTA.
"I have a visceral hatred against the f....ng oligarchy."
Luis D'Elia, close ally of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, after beating up a government opponent, as quoted by La Nacion, March 27, 2008.
"The Bay of Rigs"
Headline of editorial in Investor's Business Daily, March 19, 2008 on Cuba's oil sector. 
"Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is using his vast oil wealth to fund terrorism in his own backyard"
U.S. Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla), on charges that Venezuela is financing FARC, as quoted by AP, March 12, 2008
"Their ultimatum to our neighbors - either renegotiate or we'll repeal - was as arrogant as anything president Bush has done in the region in the past eight years"
Robert A Pastor, Latin America advisor to President Jimmy Carter, on Democratic presidential candidates' threat to pull out of NAFTA, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, March 4, 2008
"It was as if everything, including adolescent acne, would be resolved"
Dan Lund, president of polling firm Mund Americas, on how Mexican authorities oversold NAFTA, as quoted by the Los Angeles Times, March 3, 2008
"It is a basket case, with a continuously shrinking basket"
Jorge Salazar-Carrillo, professor at Florida International University, on Cuba's economy under Fidel Castro, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, February 26, 2008 
"Cubans have had a rotten deal from a miserable regime—and they know it."
The Economist, February 21, 2008
"Mussolini with bananas."
Mexican author Carlos Fuentes, describing Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, as quoted by AP, February 14, 2008
"I'm certain we won't get pneumonia, just a little cold."
Mexican Finance Minister Agustin Carstens on the expected effects on Mexico of a US slowdown, as quoted by Televisa, February 7, 2008
"Su Casa es Mi Casa"
Craig Kelly, US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, describing populism in Latin America, at an AACCLA luncheon, Coral Gables, USA, January 24, 2008
"Ortega mentions Hugo Chávez more than I say the Hail Mary, and that's my favorite prayer"
Adolfo Calero, a Nicaraguan businessman and former legislator, as quoted in The Miami Herald, January 24, 2008
"Ortega is an employee of Chavez."
Nicaraguan opposition legislator Enrique Quiñónez on presidents Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez, as quoted by La Prensa, January 14, 2008
"The challenge is to bring more transparency within the system"
Bereket Haregot, vice president for Latin America global marketing for Chevron, in Latin Business Chronicle, January 2, 2008, on the challenge of corruption in Latin America.
"It's a bad day for authoritarianism"
Peruvian President Alan Garcia on the signing ceremony of the US-Peru free trade agreement, December 14, 2007
"The oil your nation needs ... is here, as much as you need for 100 years, 200 years"
Hugo Chavez to Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, as quoted by AP, December 9, 2007
"I won't change a comma in the reforms"
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez defies the referendum results, as quoted by El Universal, December 3, 2007
"What I don't understand is how labor will be helped if there is no FTA"
US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez on union opposition against the Colombia FTA, as quoted by Time magazine, November 28, 2007
"They're managing the precarious balancing act between Milton Friedman and Santa Claus"
FIU Professor Jerry Haar on Latin America's leftist leaders running Argentina, Brazil and Chile, as quoted by Time magazine, November 15, 2007
"A trip to Madrid? A thousand euros. Another to Barcelona? 1,500 euros. Shutting up Chavez? Priceless. "
Popular Venezuelan joke, referring to recent request by the Spanish king for Venezuelan president Juan Carlos to shut up, as quoted by El Pais, Spain, November 18, 2007
"Why don't you shut up?"
King Juan Carlos to Hugo Chavez at the Ibero-American Summit in Chile, November 10, 2007
"Kirchner 2011 is like ‘2001: A Space Odyssey. It is a fictional movie"
Cristina Fernandez, on speculation that Nestor Kirchner wants to succeed her as president, as quoted by The New York Times, Nov.1, 2007
"Neither Evita nor Hillary"
Cristina Fernandez, frontrunner in Argentina's presidential elections, on comparisons with Hillary Clinton and Evita Peron, as quoted by AP, October 24, 2007
"His main "achievements" were the repressed inflation that led to rationing and the expropriation of all private banks"
Jorge Salazar-Carrillo, Florida International University, remembers Che Guevara, as quoted by Latin Business Chronicle, October 15, 2007
"The people of Costa Rica have said "si" to opportunity, "si" to investment, and "si" to a prosperous future."
US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, October 8, 2007, on the CAFTA vote in Costa Rica
"This is probably like a bucket of cold water over them"
Ecuador Oil Minister Galo Chiriboga on the government's decree to hike its royalties from 50 to 99 percent, as quoted by Reuters, October 5, 2007
"Why does a central bank need to be independent? It is a grand fallacy of the 1990s"
Ecuador President Rafael Correa, quoted by Bloomberg, September 25, 2007
"Buying Banespa was like a snake devouring a cow -- it takes a long time to digest"
Luis Miguel Santacreu, Austin Rating, on Santander's acquisition of Banespa, as quoted by Bloomberg, September 17, 2007
"It's impossible to isolate politics from the sanctions on Shell"
Francisco Mezzadri, former head of CMS Energy Corp.'s Argentine unit, on the Kirchner government's repeated actions against Shell, as quoted by Bloomberg, September 6, 2007
"When it comes to forecasting Argentina’s inflation these days, there is consensus among economists: whatever figure the government announces will be wrong"
Financial Times, September 5, 2007
"Unless things change, Argentina has a date with crisis sooner or later"
Fernando Navajas of the Foundation for Latin American Economic Research, in the Financial Times, September 5, 2007
"They have allowed the relationship to be defined by an extremist fringe"
Robert Pastor, former Latin America advisor to President Jimmy Carter, on North American leaders being too defensive when it comes to NAFTA and SPP, FOCALPoint, August 2007
"If the process continues like this, it will become a judicial farse"
Ricardo Reis Veiga, Chevron, on the bias and incompetence of court-appointed expert in $6 billion lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador, in Latin Business Chronicle, August 13, 2007
"Since Kirchner couldn't fill the financial pothole, now he's asking his usurious Uncle Hugo to help him."
Ricardo Lopez Murphy, Argentine presidential candidate and former finance minister, criticizing Nestor Kirchner's close relations with Hugo Chavez, as quoted by The New York Times, August 8, 2007 
"He's being used"
Maria Conchita Alonso on Sean Penn's visit to Venezuela, as quoted by AP, August 3, 2007
"Our sovereignty is at risk"
Luis Tascon, pro-Chavez legislator, on problems at PDVSA, as quoted by The New York Times, July 23, 2007
"It's just great that Canada's showing some leadership in Latin America."
Scotiabank CEO Rick Waugh on Canadian PM Stephen Harper's trip to Latin America, as quoted by Canada.com, July 17, 2007
"They are wearing our patience thin"
Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, blaming private energy companies for the current energy crisis, as quoted by Bloomberg, June 29, 2007
"National sovereignty does not automatically fill the tank"
The Economist, warning that Venezuela may follow Iran's oil rationing, June 28, 2007
"We should have a foreign policy that involves more than a good friendship with Chavez"
Buenos Aires Mayor-Elect Mauricio Macri, as quoted by Bloomberg, June 27, 2007
"If we have a strike, that's going to be a big problem, but we are not going to die"
Petrobras CEO Jose Sergio Gabrielli, as quoted by Bloomberg,  June 19, 2007 
"We have grown a lot, but the country has still not left hell."
Argentine president Nestor Kirchner to Spanish lawmakers, as quoted by Latin American Advisor, June 22, 2006.
"We don't accept an illegitimate government"
Mexican presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, refusing to accept the latest recount of votes again showing him losing, as quoted by Bloomberg, August 15, 2006.
"This is a mockery of what government is supposed to be."
Mexico City shoeshiner Carlos Cano, complaining about losing business as the local police lets AMLO protesters paralyze the city, as quoted by Bloomberg, August 22, 2006
"Lula together with the Brazilian constitution enshrining the nanny state, spells four more years of mediocrity at best"
Mary Anastasia O'Grady, commenting the outlook in Brazil after the likely re-election of President Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva,  in The Wall Street Journal, August 25, 2006
"There are just two candidates...Hugo Chávez and George ‘Devil’ Bush.” "
Hugo Chavez, on the December presidential elections in Venezuela, as quoted by the Financial Times, September 4, 2006.
"Sooner or later, AMLO will face away."
Nicolas Mariscal, Chairman, Grupo Marhnos, Mexico, as quoted in Latin America Advisor, September 7, 2006
"The fact that [Mr Ortega] has been in charge of the Sandinista movement for 25 years or more gives you a clue about his democratic tendencies."
US Ambassador Paul Trivelli in Nicaragua, warning against Daniel Ortega, in the Financial Times, September 14, 2006
"Money will not go where there is danger"
General Bantz Craddock, Commander, US Southern Command, warning against the rising tide of crime in Latin America, at the America Conference organized by The Miami Herald, September 14,2006
"As they are set to win the election Lula will likely stick to his peace and love message, but we may see some changes after Oct. 1, when Brazil may tell Bolivia to get ready to take it on the nose"
David Fleischer, professor of politics at the University of Brasilia, on the relatively reserved reaction after the Bolivian nationalization and restrictions of Brazilian gas operations, quoted by Bloomberg, September 15, 2006
"It seems he would rather try to rule from the streets now than to wait six years and run again for president"
James Wilkie, history professor at the University of California in Los Angeles, on plans by  Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the loser of Mexican presidential elections , to have himself declared president by his supporters, as quoted by Bloomberg, September 17, 2006
"Yesterday the devil came here. Right here. [crosses himself] And it smells of sulfur still today."
Hugo Chavez at the UN General Assembly, Sept.20, 2006
"Chavez would put the last nail in the coffin with his off-the-wall narcism-Leninism"
Miami Herald columinist Andres Oppenheimer on the damage to the UN if Venezuela gets a Security Council seat, September 21, 2006
"Hugo Chavez fancies himself a modern day Simon Bolivar but all he is is an everyday thug"
Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democrats in the US House of Representatives, Sept.21, 2006
"Capitalism is the way of the devil and exploitation."
Hugo Chavez in Time magazine, September 22, 2006
"Regardless of politics, we sympathize with many Americans' concern over derogatory comments about our country and its leadership recently made by Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez."
7-Eleven spokeswoman Margaret Chabris on one of the factors behind ending the company’s contract with Citgo, Sept. 27, 2006
"The Lula camp has fallen apart"
Walder de Goes, a Brasilia political scientist, quoted by the Financial Times, October 2, 2006
"If we don't sell it here, well then, we will try to sell it in Panama."
Dionisio Marenco, the Sandinista mayor of Managua and head of the Municipal Association in Nicaragua, on the failure to sell oil donated by Hugo Chavez, as quoted by AP, October 9, 2006
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