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Louis de Segonzac, managing director at JLT Re Miami,  on his favorite restaurants, hotels and airports in Latin America.



How often do you travel to
Latin America?
Three times a month. 

What is your favorite hotel?
The Fasono in Sao Paulo. It has the best service by far. It has luxury, but not in your face. Discreet luxury, which is great.

What is your favorite restaurant for business?
The 27 Lima. It has very good food. The house is very nice.

What is your favorite airport?
Santiago. It's clean, modern, easy to get to. All kinds of airline clubs. Lines are OK. You don't have to walk for miles.

What is your least-favorite airport?
Guaralhus in Sao Paulo. The international terminal is too small. Only a few places to eat. There's nothing to do. Access to get there takes two hours. You can spend an hour and a half in immigration, another hour and a half getting your baggage and then have to travel to Sao Paulo an hour and a half to two hours.

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