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Construction Permits: Panama Best

Panama leads the way in construction environment and is among the leaders in construction growth.


Any visitor to Panama City these days will be awed by the number of new skyscrapers dotting the skyline as well as ongoing construction of future buildings.

Apart from demand – current or estimated future – driving the building boom, another factor has been crucial: Ease of getting construction permits.

Panama has Latin America’s best environment for dealing with construction permits, while Guatemala has the worst, according to a Latin Business Chronicle analysis of World Bank data.

As for the ongoing construction boom, Panama does in fact have one of Latin America’s highest growth rates. The latest Latin Construction Index from Latin Business Chronicle shows Panama with the second-highest increase in construction activity.

The analysis of data from The World Bank’s latest Doing business report shows that ...

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Dealing with Construction Permits
Latin Construction Index (3Q 2011)


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