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LBC: Most Popular in 2011

The most popular articles and columns in Latin Business Chronicle in 2011.




For the second year in a row, the most popular report on Latin Business Chronicle was our annual ranking of Latin America’s top businesswomen. Meanwhile, an article on female business travel in Latin America made the top ten list as well. Other popular articles include the 2011 Latin Security Index and Latin Business Index.


A column on Venezuela by Walter Molano, head of research at BCP Securities, was the most popular opinion piece in Latin Business Chronicle during 2011. Meanwhile, Jerry Haar, a Latin America expert at Florida International University, penned two of the five most popular columns.



Ten most popular special reports


1--Latin America's Top 50 Businesswomen

Latin Business Chronicle selects the 50 top women in Latin American business.

Brazil Safer, Venezuela Worse

The safest and most dangerous countries in Latin America for foreign multinational executives.  Link

Latin America Business: Chile Best
Chile and Panama are best for business, while Venezuela is worst. How do the other countries rank?   Link

Latin America: 2011 Outlook
A special report on Latin America's and Brazil's business outlook and challenges in 2011.   Link

--CEOs: Bright
Brazil Outlook 

Brazil remains a shining star for many multinationals despite its share of challenges.  Link

Latin America: Brazil Leads Compensation Costs

Brazil has the highest executive compensation costs in Latin America after growing significantly in recent years.  Link


7--Peru: Investors Worry About Humala

Investors are worried about the likelihood of a radical change in economic policies in one of Latin America’s stars.  Link


8--Inflation: Venezuela World’s Worst

Venezuela and Argentina have the world’s highest inflation rates. In Latin America, Peru and El Salvador boast the lowest rates.  Link


9--Sao Paulo: Even More Expensive

Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro jump on the latest cost of living survey.  Link

--Safety Key for Female Travelers

Key issues for female business travelers to Latin AmericaLink





Five most popular columns

1--Venezuela: Hell on Earth

The reckless tyranny of Hugo Chavez squandered away Venezuela's abundant natural resources, sound infrastructure and skilled labor.  Link


2--Latin America Embraces Mobile Money

Latin America is one of the most dynamic regions for mobile money.   Link


3--Ecuador: End of Dollarization?

De-dollarization has becomes inevitable. And Correa’s track record shows it will likely be quite messy.  Link


4--Latin America: The Quest for Talent

Some Latin American countries are now experiencing a “reverse” brain-drain.   Link


5--Latin America: E-Commerce Leader

Latin America will see the highest e-commerce growth worldwide through 2015.  Link







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