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Latin Infrastructure Index (2011): Sources & Methodology


he Latin Infrastructure Index looks at four key categories and 24 subcategories of infrastructure.



The transport subindex looks at 16 sucategories: 

  • Costs to export containers,
  • Costs to import containers,
  • Time to export containers,
  • Time to import containers,
  • Documents to export containers,
  • Documents to import containers,
  • Quality of port infrastructure,
  • Quality of air transport infrastructure,
  • Quality of railroad infrastructure,
  • Quality of roads,
  • Customs efficiency,
  • Ease of arranging competitively priced shipments,
  • Competence and quality of logistical services,
  • Ability to track and trace consignments,
  • Timeliness of shipments in reaching destination within the scheduled or expected delivery time.
  • Overall quality of trade infrastructure


The Latin Technology subindex looks at five subcategories:

  • The penetration rates of Internet,
  • The penetration rates of broadband Internet,
  • The penetration rates of personal computers (PCs),
  • The penetration rates of wireless subscribers
  • The penetration rates of fixed telephone lines.




The water subindex looks at: 

  • Percent of population with access to improved water source in urban areas
  • Percent of population with access to improved water source in rural areas



The electricity subindex looks at:


  • Quality of electricity supply




Computer Industry Almanac
International Monetary Fund
International Telecommunications Union,
Santiago Chamber of Commerce
The World Bank: Doing business 2012,

The World Bank: Infrastructure Database

The World Bank: Logistics Performance Index

Population Reference Bureau
World Economic Forum: Global Competitiveness Report






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