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Panama Canal Authority CEO and Administrator Alberto Aleman among 2011 Bravo Business Award winners.



Alberto Aleman, the CEO of the agency that runs the Panama Canal, will receive a Distinguished Service in the Hemisphere Award from Latin Trade magazine as part of its BRAVO Business Awards.

“With the $5.25 billion canal expansion underway, Aleman has transformed the organization overseeing the inter-oceanic passage into a business-oriented institution boosting trade in the hemisphere and around the globe,” Latin Trade says in a press release.

Aleman has been Administrator of the Panama Canal since 1996. He first headed up the Panama Canal Commission, a US agency that ran the waterway from its opening in 1914 until the United States handed over control to Panama in 1999. After that date, the agency running the canal has been the Panama Canal Authority, which is run as an autonomous agency free of government meddling.

Aleman has received high marks for his management of the canal since it underwent the change of ownership.

Contrary to widespread doubts about possible mismanagement under Panamanian rule, the canal has become a highly efficient operation, garnering higher revenues than before and turning a handsome profit.

"Beyond the operation, the expansion project is another tribute to the high managerial skills of the Canal's Administrator Alberto Aleman,” former PCC Chairman Robert McMillan told Latin Business Chronicle when the ACP turned ten. “While a portion of toll increases is due to higher tolls, one can still not overlook the job Alberto has done in his management role.” 

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