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Teobaldo Palacios, Samsung

Teobaldo Palacios, Vice President Latin American Telecom Operations at Samsung Electronics, on his favorite restaurants, hotels and airports in the region.


How often do you travel to
Latin America?
Every week, but four planes a week. I typically go to Lima – where my family is -- for the weekend and then go where I need to go, sometimes Mexico City for meetings with America Movil, or Madrid for meetings with Telefonica or Korea where the headquarters for Samsung is. 


What is your favorite hotel?
I don't have any particularly favorite hotel. I try to use good chains like Hilton or Marriott.


What is your favorite restaurant for business?

I love to go to Fisher’s in Mexico because of the mix of Mexican with seafood. In Brazil I love to eat meat, Fogo de Chao or Jardineira. 


What is your favorite airport?
Santiago stands out. It’s very modern and very fast to go through. Lima is much better than it used to be, more people in immigration and customs. Mexico better with Terminal 2.


What is your least-favorite airport?
Guarulhos [in Sao Paulo] still one that needs to get better in terms of facilities, which are old, and the size of some lines in immigration are too long.

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