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Latin America Leads Microsoft Growth

Latin America is the star region for software giant Microsoft, outpacing all other areas in growth.


Latin America is the region that is growing most for US-based Microsoft, the world's largest software company.

“Latin America has been for the last several years the fastest growing area for Microsoft worldwide”, says Hernan Rincon, the company's Latin America president. “Over the last several years we have significantly increased our presence and our business in the region; and as a consequence, we have grown much faster than our competitors, triplicating our business results.”

Microsoft, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary in Latin America, covers 46 countries with 21 offices, around 2,000 direct employees and over one million indirect IT jobs, according to Rincon.

The news
comes as the latest Multinational Latin America Index from Latin Business Chronicle shows that other multinationals are also seeing higher growth in Latin America than globally.

The 23 multinationals in the index posted an average
Latin America growth of 17.2 percent in the third quarter -- the latest quarter available for that many companies -- compared with 6.8 percent globally.

The index includes technology companies like
Spain's Telefonica and Finland-based NokiaSiemens, which both saw higher Latin America growth than global sales.  

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