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Year’s Most Popular in LBC

The most popular articles in Latin Business Chronicle this year.



The 20 most popular special reports in Latin Business Chronicle in 2010.


1 Latin America's
Top 25 Businesswomen

Latin Business Chronicle selects the 25 top women in Latin American business. Link


2 Argentina Richest in
Latin America

Argentina replaces Chile as Latin America's wealthiest country in GDP per capita terms. Link


3 Latin America’s 100 Best Companies

Latin America’s 100 best companies measured by growth and profit margins. Link


4 Latin America Business: Panama Best

Panama, Uruguay and Dominican Republic improve their business climate, while Venezuela worsens. Link


5 Latin America Security: Best & Worst

The safest and most dangerous countries in Latin America for foreign multinationals and executives. Link


6 Latin America Taxes: Brazil Worst, Chile Best

Brazil has Latin America's worst tax environment while Chile has the best, the Latin Tax Index shows. Link


7 Latin America’s Legal Stars

Latin Business Chronicle selects the top 30 foreign lawyers in Latin America. Link


8 Cost of Living: Sao Paulo Most Expensive
Sao Paulo is now more expensive than New York and Rome, while Rio de Janeiro is more expensive than St. Petersburg and Helsinki. Link


9 Latin America's Companies Boost Revenues, Profits

A closer look at the winners and losers among Latin America's 500 largest companies. Link

10 Latin America: Bogota, Mexico Top Airports

Latin America's top 50 airports for cargo and passenger traffic and aircraft movements. Link


11 Latin America's 100 Most Powerful Businesspeople

Latin America's 100 most powerful businessmen and women. Link


12 Latin America: Venezuela Third-Largest Economy

But Wal-Mart sales are higher than Venezuela’s GDP, a Latin Business Chronicle analysis shows. Link


13 Brazil On A Roll

The Petrobras share sale cements Brazil as one of the world’s top economic stars. Link


14 Multilatinos: Latin America's Other Export

Latin Business Chronicle looks at 25 Latin American executives who excel internationally. Link


15 Mexico's Drug War Impacts Business

How Mexico battles to remain safe, low-cost and competitive amidst a growing drug war. Link


16 GDP Outlook: Panama Leads Latin America

Panama, the Dominican Republic and Peru will have Latin America's highest growth the next five years. Link

17 GDP Growth: Peru, Uruguay Lead

Peru, Uruguay and Brazil lead growth, while Haiti and Venezuela are the laggards. Link

M&A Outlook:
Brazil, Colombia, Peru Best
Brazil and energy will dominate mergers and acquisitions in Latin America, experts predict. Link


19 Latin Technology: Panama Replaces Chile

Panama and Uruguay replace Chile in technology and Internet penetration. Link

20 Latin America's Top 50 Ports: Cartagena, Caucedo Grow

Most of Latin America’s ports see declines, but some managed to expand despite the crisis. Link





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