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Trade: Brazil More Expensive

Container cargo costs grow double-digits in Brazil, while falling in Mexico.



While it has generally become less expensive to export container cargo from Latin America, Brazil has seen a significant increase, according to a Latin Business Chronicle analysis of new data from The World Bank’s Doing Business 2011 report.


While the average cost to export a container of cargo from Latin America is now $1,228, or 6.6 percent less than last year, it costs $1,790 to export from Brazil, a 14 percent increase.


Brazil has Latin America’s second-highest prices for exporting containers. Only Venezuela is worse.

For its survey of prices and other metrics, The World Bank uses a dry cargo, 20-foot, full container load that weighs 10 tons and is valued at $20,000.


Meanwhile, prices for importing container cargo also jumped in Brazil. While the average price in Latin America grew by 2.9 percent the past year to $1,487, it increased ...

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