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Brazil: Corruption Costs $41 Billion 

Corruption costs Brazil up to $41 billion a year, but progress is being made.


SAO PAULO -- Talk to the average man on the street about corruption in
Brazil and he will probably tell you it is endemic here. But while many in business share the public’s despair, they also point to the strides being made to combat graft as the country gains increased prominence as a global economic player.

“Corruption is widespread, says Wagner Giovanini, cluster compliance officer at Siemens in Brazil. “But Brazilians have a habit of exaggerating the problem. It is possible to run a business without resorting to bribes, if you are committed to doing so.”

A key driver to reduce corruption among companies has been a desire to do more business with international firms, which are bound by foreign anti-bribery laws.

A whopping 69.9 percent of Brazilian firms identify corruption as a major constraint, according ...

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