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Uruguay overall champion of tourism in Latin America, according to the Latin Tourism Index.



Colombia had the strongest growth in international arrivals in Latin America last year, while Nicaragua posted the strongest growth in tourism receipts, according to the Latin Tourism Index from Latin Business Chronicle.


However, Uruguay is the champion in tourism in Latin America. The index of 15 countries in Latin America shows the total impact of tourism in a country by measuring receipts as a percent of GDP and arrivals per capita using 2009 data from the WTO and the International Monetary Fund. It also looks at growth in receipts and arrivals.

So while
Mexico remains the top country in Latin America in terms of overall receipts and arrivals, the impact on the country’s economy is smaller than for many other countries. Mexico’s tourism receipts only account for 1.3 percent of its economy. That’s lower than the Latin American rate of 1.5 percent and much lower than countries like the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua.




During the winter months in the United States, its summer in Uruguay. And thats when the countrys top tourism destination Punta del Este... 



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