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Testimonials About Latin Business Chronicle

What business executives and government officials say about Latin Business Chronicle.

Daily Business News 
My daily reading -- even before The Wall Street Journal -- is Latin Business Chronicle.
odolpho Cardenuto, President and CEO of SAP Latin America

The Latin Business Chronicle daily write-ups are concrete summaries of significant events that any executive doing business in Latin America needs to be aware of. It’s an easy system to use for those of us who have little time on our hands.
Carmen González-Sanfeliu, Vice President - Latin America & Caribbean, Intelsat

FDI-GDP Analysis
Latin Business Chronicle reported
that Panama had the highest FDI percentage of GDP, compared with any other nation in Latin America.
Panama President Ricardo Martinelli, July 8, 2011

LBC's Latin Business Index
The index is the most complete in terms of business climate, because it evaluates the countries in aspects like macro environment, corporate environment, competitiveness, technology level and political environment.
Roberto Henriquez, Panama's Commerce and Industry Minister, on LBC's Latin Business Index

Latin Security Index
[Uruguay is] the third safest in Latin America (Latin Business Chronicle 2009 index)
Uruguay Vice President Danilo Astori in India, February 2011

I would like to congratulate you for a first rate quality e-news source for business, industry trends and related news in Latin America. Your e-journal is my First Stop when researching topics of interest. It amazes me how you are able to consistently provide such good information on a variety of subjects. Your articles are insightful and extremely helpful for my business. We advise a wide range of industries and companies in the region and your news helps us to stay abreast and, in some cases, even stay ahead of our competition in significant small ways. Additionally, your articles are a great way to keep our clients apprised of what is occurring in the region since they generally oversee all the Americas, and it helps us to stay in front of our clients in a helpful and positive manner.Gentlemen and Ladies of the LBC, please keep up the excellent work.
David Berger, Managing Director, Latin America and Caribbean, NAI Global

What our current subscribers have to say (from a recent subscriber study):

  • The Latin Business Chronicle is the single best source of at-your-fingertips information on a wide range of key topics, issues, sectors, and statistics on business in Latin America.
  • Keeps us current and updated in what our customers priorities are.
  • Simply great insights on daily basis!
  • Latin Business Chronicle gives valuable guidance for business success in Latin America.
  • I rely on the Latin Business Chronicle as a primary source for credible, valuable and timely information on Latin America politics, business and economics.
  • The on-time information from Latin Business Chronicle of developments within Latin America helps to keep track of the changes in the different markets.
  • Now, in academia and consulting, I recommend to students and clients to subscribe to LBC as a reliable, accurate, and current source of Latin America information. Thank you, and keep up the good work!
  • The Latin Business Chronicle helps me to keep abreast of the latest policy trends and business decisions in the region.
  • Latin Business Chronicle keeps me up-to-date on what's important in the region.




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