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Governments React to Latin Business Index

The governments of Panama and the Dominican Republic react to their improved rankings on the Latin Business Index.



Panamanian and Dominican government officials highlighted the results in the 2010 Latin Business Index from Latin Business Chronicle. Panama replaced Chile as the country with the best business climate, while the Dominican Republic replaced El Salvador as the fifth-best country in Latin America and best in the CAFTA trade block.

”The index is the most complete in terms of business climate, because it evaluates the countries in aspects like macro environment, corporate environment, competitiveness, technology level and political environment," Panamanian Commerce and Industry Minister Roberto Henríquez said in a statement. “There’s a good business climate [in
Panama] thanks to a government that facilitates [business] and generates confidence.”

Meanwhile, Andrés Vanderhorst Álvarez, director of the Dominican National Competitiveness Council (CNC), said that the ranking of the country in the latest Latin Business Index was due to the government’s National Plan for Systematic Competitiveness and the approval of several laws, mainly the new Corporate Law.


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