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Sao Paulo Airport:  More Traffic, More Complaints

As traffic jumps at São Paulo’s Guarulhos airport, so do complaints about long lines and slow service.



SAO PAULO -- A top executive of a major U.S. firm recently spent almost as much time to fly from Lima to São Paulo as he did from when the plane landed in Guarulhos airport to the moment he got home. Sure, much of the delays may be attributed to São Paulo’s maddening traffic, which only worsens every time a storm breaks out or an accident occurs in the infamous Marginal Tietê. But the airport itself has to take part of the blame, too, as it consistently rates among the most unpopular airports in Latin America among foreign businesspeople (see, for example, the Frequent Traveler series in Latin Business Chronicle)


Although Guarulhos airport infrastructure is in fairly good shape and does not bring real risk to safety and security, it has been at pains to adapt to a steep increase in ...

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