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Latin Business Index 2010: Sources & Methodology

Macro Environment
GDP growth 2008 and 2009, estimated growth 2010 and forecasted
growth 2011, percent inflation 2008 and 2009, estimated inflation 2010 and forecasted inflation 2011, as of April 2010.

All figures from the International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook, April 2010
Except inflation for Argentina, which are based on Ecolatina (2009), Credit Suisse (2010 estimate).

Corporate Environment
Capital access for entrepreneurs, corporate tax rate and ease of doing
business (including starting and closing a business, hiring and firing, protecting investors, enforcing contracts and trade environment).

Capital access data from the 2009 Capital Access Index, Milken Institute.

Corporate tax rates from the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom in the World, Heritage Foundation,

Ease of doing business from Doing Business 2010, The World Bank.

Economic freedom data from 2010 Index of Economic Freedom in the World,
Heritage Foundation,

Globalization & Competitiveness
Globalization, Competitiveness, Tariffs, Human Development (education, health and more) and Security.

Globalization data from the 2009 Latin American Globalization Index, Latin
Business Chronicle.

World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Index 2009-10

Tariff data from 2010 Index of Economic Freedom in the World, Heritage Foundation,

Human Development data from the Human Development Index 2009, United Nations Development Programme. (See page 143 on)

Security data from the 2010 Latin Security Index, Latin Business Chronicle

Technology Level

All figures from the 2009
 Latin Technology Index

Political Environment

Political freedom (political rights and civil liberties), economic freedom,
political stability, business policies of government, political outlook (stability
and business policies next 12 months) and public transparency.

Political freedom data from Freedom in the World 2010, Freedom House,

Political stability, business policies of government and political outlook data
by Latin Business Chronicle based on various sources.

Transparency and corruption data from the 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index,   Transparency International,

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