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World Cup 2010: Team Latin America

Latin Business Chronicle creates the Latin American "Dream Team" in soccer.


The 2010 World Cup in South Africa promises to provide plenty of competition for the championship title. In honor of the World Cup, the soccer experts at Latin Business Chronicle have created our own Latin American "Dream Team" based on skills like risk-taking (for forward players) and stable management (for midfielders and defense).

“Risk takers are true catalysts of change in sports and politics,” says Simon Rivé, Managing Director of DSI Recruiting Services. "They use their vision to pull their team forward and lead the whole organization to success.”

However, those leaders that are less inclined to take risks have their role to play as well. “Risk adverse executives are real experts at managing processes,” he says.  “They lead their peers through constant improvements and build the success of the organization by small increments towards the final corporate goal.”

Latin Business Chronicle has created this line-up, using a 2-4-4 formation.

Where risk-taking is a must

Felipe Calderon, Mexico
Clearly a risk taker in light of his war against the drug cartels.

Alvaro Uribe, Colombia
A risk taker in light of his early, aggressive war against the narco-terrorist FARC group.

Sebastian Piñera, Chile
Looking at how he became a self-made billionaire, he clearly must have taken risks

Roberto Martinelli, Panama
Also a self-made successful businessman and a risk taker.

Need to have a balance between risk and stable administration, helping both the forwarders and the defense

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil (Captain)
Has generally not been a risk taker, but a good administrator. Tries to avoid conflicts.

Alan Garcia, Peru
He took risks in his first presidency (with horrible results), and now seems less of a risk taker, yet he still does more than just administrate (he actively and personally calls CEO’s of multinationals to invest in Peru, for example).

Leonel Fernandez, Dominican Republic
He has had a significant impact in the DR, so clearly a risk-taker, but those risks have been smaller than the ones taken by leaders like Calderon and Uribe.

Porfirio Lobos, Honduras
Has taken some risks – trying to resolve Zelaya controversy – but will likely also be more of an administrator.

Not risk takers

Alvaro Colom, Guatemala
Has not provided any significant reforms in Guatemala, but his tall and thin physique could prove an asset for the defense.

Rene Preval, Haiti
Has generally not taken many risks, but has had to deal with enormous challenges such as the earthquake. Good qualities in defense.

Agility and speed

Maurico Funes, El Salvador
Seems agile enough to be a good keeper.

The reserve team consists of Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa, Fernando Lugo, Evo Morales and Daniel Ortega. Although some of these players have some talent, they are not seen as team players and will only be used if absolutely needed. 

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