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Claudio Muruzábal, Neoris

Claudio Muruzábal, CEO of Neoris, on his favorite restaurants, hotels and airports in the region.


How often do you travel in Latin America?
3-4 times per month.

What is your favorite hotel in Latin America? 
The Hilton in Sao Paulo. A great place. The service is great.   

What is your favorite restaurant in Latin America? 
La Bourgogne in Buenos Aires.

What is your favorite airport in Latin America?
There's only one. The rest are terrible.  And that's Santiago, Chile. But Mexico City has made a lkot of improvements and the new terminal is much better.

What is your least favorite airport in Latin America?
Eseiza in Buenos Aires. Never a good experience. The lines are long, the airport is in bad shape, people don't want to help you.

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